inclusive volunteering

Inclusive Volunteering


Explore new avenues to fill volunteer vacancies

Provide opportunities for everyone to get involved

Promoting an inclusive volunteering environment benefits organisations to:

  • Better reflect the community they serve
  • Increase the pool of potential volunteers
  • Increase connection with the community
  • Improve innovation with a diversity of perspectives and skills
  • Demonstrate commitment to the legal and moral obligations to be inclusive

The Inclusive Volunteering project aims to help people with barriers find an appropriate volunteer role as well as to support volunteer-including organisations becoming more inclusive. We can find suitable volunteers for your needs and work with you to consider ways in which you could include more diverse volunteers in your organisation.

We may also be able to provide a volunteer buddy to support the volunteer settle in and learn the ropes of their role.

How to get started

Call the Inclusive Volunteer Officer on 1300 327 434.