inclusive volunteering

Inclusive Volunteering


Need some extra helpĀ finding the right fit?

Everyone has the right to get involved in their community, feel good about themselves and learn new skills. Some people may face barriers such as an intellectual or physical disability, age, culture or language that make finding the right volunteering role a little harder.

Inclusive Volunteering provides support for people wanting to volunteer, but who may have had difficulty in finding a role or want extra support in being matched to the right role.

Our Inclusive Volunteering Officer will meet with you to find out what kinds of volunteer jobs interest you and what support needs you may have. You may be matched with a buddy to help you get a good start at your volunteer role and we will keep in touch to help make it work for everyone. We try to find the best match for your interests and skills and work with organisations to make it a positive volunteering placement for everyone.

How to get started

Call the Inclusive Volunteer Officer on 1300 327 434 to arrange a time to meet and investigate volunteering options. You can come on your own or bring someone to support you.